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Team Building Solutions For Veterinary Staff With The Help of Debbie Allaben Gair

DiSC® is a trusted learning instrument. It is used worldwide by training and coaching professionals to assist in organizational development and performance improvement. Designed to complement your existing training programs, DiSC® can help improve communication, ease frustration and conflict, and develop more effective veterinary teams.

Bridging the Gap owner Debbie Gair is well known and experienced as a DiSC® Veterinary Management Specialist. Read how veterinarians and managers have improved their practices with Debbie Gair and the DiSC® learning materials.

What is DiSC®?

DiSC® Dimensions of Behavior, developed by Inscape Publishing, provides nonjudgmental language for exploring your team’s performance and behavioral issues across four primary dimensions

Coaching benefits:

  • D: Direct and Decisive; tend to be strong-willed, strong-minded people who like accepting challenges, taking action, and getting immediate results.
  • i: Optimistic and Outgoing; tend to be "people people" who like participating on teams, sharing ideas, and energizing and entertaining others.
  • S: Sympathetic and Cooperative; tend to be helpful people who like working behind the scenes, performing in consistent and predictable ways, and being good listeners.
  • C: Concerned and Correct; tend to be sticklers for quality and like planning ahead, employing systematic approaches, and checking and re-checking for accuracy.

As we better understand ourselves and the behavior of others, we have an improved ability to reduce conflict and work together more effectively. DiSC® can help employees at all levels to understand their own behavior. Some areas of employee insight include:

  • Understanding why people do/say what they do/say
  • Learning how and when to adapt behavior
  • Improving communications in the team and with clients
  • Clarifying what motivates individuals
  • Promoting appreciation of differences
  • Minimizing conflict
  • Enhancing individual and team performance

DiSC® education also enhances your team’s ability to provide trusted communication with your clients, in the client’s preferred style of communication. This helps the clients bonding rate to your hospital, because you speak their language and they better understand recommendations. This cannot be overlooked, because clients want to do business with people that make them comfortable and where they feel appreciated, valued, and respected. By "speaking their language" in their preferred communication style, the clients get what they need from your hospital beyond medical expertise—and that becomes their overall impression of doing business with you.

Clients want to do business with people they like and who speak their language. With DiSC®, everyone on your team is trained to understand and appreciate differences, and then adapt their style to best meet the needs of others. Develop your team with the specific skills necessary to survive and thrive in today’s client-centered culture!

If you would like to explore the value of DiSC® education to your veterinary operation, contact Debbie Gair for more information.

DiSC® Online - through EPIC

The power of the DiSC® system is available online via the Electronic Profile Information Center (EPIC) platform. EPIC (Electronic Profile Information Center) is a secure website that gives you a stress-free way to send, customize, view, print, manage and store your DiSC assessments. It is a simple way to deliver DiSC profiles via the internet.

Here's how it works: As an EPIC subaccount user, you have access from your PC. You can administer access codes that allow people to complete DiSC® assessments online. Once a respondent finishes answering the questions, the resulting report goes to the respondent or to you—you decide!

If you are already an EPIC user, log in here to access your account. If you do not have, but would like, an EPIC account, contact Debbie. Staff educational training has never been so quick and simple.


DiSC® Trainers

Veterinary professionals recognize the advantage of DiSC® education. Give your veterinary care and customer service teams a competitive edge with DiSC®, developing skills in the following areas:

  • Create and maintain relationships with clients
  • Identify customers’ DiSC® styles and adapt your services and support accordingly
  • Understand what motivates each individual customer to lock in a work relationship
  • Stay focused on customer needs
  • Manage difficult customer service situations

Debbie Gair works exclusively with companies in the veterinary service field, offering an insight and knowledge otherwise unavailable in generalists.

Contact Debbie at Bridging the Gap.

"DiSC®" and "EPIC" are registered trademarks of Inscape Publishing, Inc.

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Debbie was present through the entire management interview process. She asked extremely insightful questions, which allowed me to choose the ideal candidate for my practice.

Jim Wesseldyke, DVM and Owner, Pet Vet Family Pet Care Center

Our practice manager is doing a great job. We are working well together and he makes me a better person. I am pleased and honored to tell others what a great job you have done for myself and my practice. Thank you for all that you have done to set me up for success.

Brent Johnson, DVM and Owner, Northwest Animal Care Hospital

Not only did Debbie support our vision but she gave us practical tips and strategies to ensure our success—things we were able to implement immediately.

Courtney Bohlinger, Practice Manager, Great Lakes Hospital for Animals

The Return on Investment for Debbie’s management recruiting service was realized in the first six months after I hired my new practice manager. I wish I would have taken advantage of her services sooner.

Jim Wesseldyke, DVM and Owner, Pet Vet Family Pet Care Center

Debbie has been a recruiter, coach, problem solving management advisor and personal guide to utilizing a Practice Manager. Thank you Debbie, for the many years of expertise and friendship!

Guy Osmun, DVM and Owner, Companion Animal Hospital of Linden

Thank goodness for my Practice Manager! You tutored her well and she continues to grow in her position. I am happy to report we boast a staff with maturity of employ and energy. I have never had it so good. Many thank yous to you.

Dennis White, DVM and Practice Owner, Companion Animal Hospital of Tecumpseh

Debbie is a highly enthusiastic, knowledgeable member of the veterinary profession. Her extended experience, along with her exceptional ability to connect with people, makes her an excellent coach.

Jan Currey, Independent Training and Consulting

Debbie has a strong command of the veterinary field and was a tremendous asset to our practice. She is thorough and personable and goes above and beyond to assure her client's satisfaction.

Stephen John, Practice Administrator, Northwest Animal Care Hospital

I have hired Debbie to help with several issues in our veterinary practice, as well as to help locate, screen and mentor a Practice Manager. She was very intuitive, honest, hard working and effective in her style and understanding of our needs. I highly recommend her talents for any business that needs a qualified business consultant.

Ed Farnham, DVM and Owner [retired], Woodland Hospital for Animals

Debbie uses her knowledge and experience to help create a favorable working environment. She utilizes various materials to provide a foundation for your practice to grow and prosper.

John VanDaele, DVM & Practice Owner, Animal Alley Veterinary Hospital

Debbie has been a wonderful educator and resource to colleagues and veterinary professionals. She's a go-to person for questions about veterinary practice management and client and team communication. Debbie's insights on communication and employee behavior give her a unique perspective.

Portia Stewart, Editor, Firstline, Advanstar Veterinary Healthcare Communications

Debbie is very personable, knowledgeable and helpful business consultant. We have put her many suggestions into place, with excellent results. I recommend Debbie to anyone in need of a veterinary practice consultant.

Kathy Applegate, DVM and Owner, Standale Veterinary Hospital

"I have worked with Debbie for several years. Initially, I hired her to find a Practice Manager. With her help, we hired a manager who is a perfect match for my style. The benefits show in many ways. We have continued to use Debbie's coaching services, because her advice is unbiased, professional and very helpful. If we are having employee issues, she always seems to come up with very insightful ideas. I recommend her highly."

Kathy Eckler, DVM and Owner, Gull Lake Animal Hospital

"By the time I owned my practice for a year, I knew that I needed to hire a practice manager. Debbie took the guess-work out of the hiring process. My Practice Manager has been a tremendous asset to my practice. I was very happy with the recruiting process and strongly recommend Debbie to anyone looking for a Practice Manager."

Eric Peterson, DVM and Owner, Northside Veterinary Hospital

"Debbie is a treasure to veterinary medicine. She has the job experience of managing a practice and is the DiSC expert many veterinary consultants and hospitals turn to for guidance. She gets results and she guides you over the troubled spots in your practice. I call on Debbie whenever I need and outside eye to be objective and achieve results that last."

Mary Ann Vande Linde, DVM and Consultant, Vande Linde & Associates

"Debbie made major positive impact on my professional career. As our Practice Manager, she fostered an environment that allowed employees to take on new responsibilities and learn new skills, which contributed to the growth and success of the practice. She taught us that mistakes (or in her words, "challenges") could be turned into a positive end-result. Our staff felt comfortable and encouraged to share successes as well as mistakes, as these were used as learning opportunities. Debbie is a strong proponent of the "can do" attitude; she passed that philosophy onto her staff."

Julie Delauter, LVT , Veterinary Technician Program Professor, Macomb Community College

"The thing that makes Debbie invaluable is her unique approach to management challenges. She taught me that success is just as much about the people as it is about the processes. She taught me how to understand and blend different personality styles to create cohesive teamwork among staff members. She showed me how to teach my team to provide exceptional customer service by focusing on the customer's individual needs."

Christine Johnson, Practice Manager and Owner, PetsFirst Wellness Center

"Debbie's approach was tailored to ME. She truly listened and helped me to articulate and achieve my own goals. She pushed me and challenged me and held me accountable, which made me a better manager than I ever thought I could be. She laughed with me, encouraged me, and sometimes even cried with me; and then, when the tears were dry, she picked me up and dusted me off and put me on the path again. She was so much more than a management coach. She was my partner and friend."

Christine Johnson, Practice Manager and Owner, PetsFirst Wellness Center